Saturday, April 6, 2013

Training in comfort with the Comfort Trainer.

Hi eager to learn tailwaggers,

It's Daisy-Mae.  Boy do I have something pawsome to tell you about. It's the easy to use training tool called the Comfort Trainer. Boy do I like it, and it's pretty too.

A lady in Va. makes them.

I really love it.

It went on over my nose and then snapped behind my head and at first I had to touch it with my paw couse it was kinda itchy, but as soon as my mama said that we where going for a walk I forgot all about being itchy.

It looks so cool with green and tan. Maybe one day she'll make Pink. I'd like that.. I love pink.

The trainer works just like a regular collar to keep me safe and my mama from getting lost. She would if she didn't have my leash.

There's even a place to put my ID tag on it so people will know who I am.

The nose loop helps me be able to remember that good girls don't pull on the leash. Boy does my friend Hank need one to be a good boy. He just pulls and pulls.

I hope to oneday get to go to see the nice lady who gave me this at her training center but I know it will be hard because it's a far walk from South Carolina to Va.

So I guess I'll have to just send her doggy kisses over the computer.

Check out.

Mama had to put it on a toy doggy. When I got it put on I didn't wanna stop danceing. I love this comfort trainer.


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