Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Super cool walking bag

Hi everyone this is Lennon. I have to tell you about this really fantastic bag that I got.

It has a nice long strap so mama can wear it over her shoulder. It's really made too with lots of room.  It even come with some special goodies.

This bag has a small front zip pocket. This is the perfect size for your human to store their wallet or the keys so you can get back into their dog house.

Theres a big center zip pocket. This one is great to hold some snacks, and extra poop bags. This is where mama likes to store the nice pop up bowl that came with the bag. It's also perfect for you to have them put your water bottle thats full of the nice clean water from your house.  The best part is that a water bottle came with the bag. Inside of that is a small zip up pocket. I told mama thats a good place for my extra service dog cards.

On the back theres another zipper pouch. This bag really is cool. So many surprises.  We love the fact it came with a pawsome cute little bone shaped clip. Your human can use this to hold their keys, hand sanitizer for after picking up your poops, or even as a tie out clip if you arent a service dog and they have to go in the store really fast.

This bag even came with a cool bone shaped poop bag holder. They really thought of everything.

Now some details about why you need water from home... when you can just drink from a puddle or lake.

Puddle water and lake water while it may smell interesting and look yummy its very very bad for you.

You could  come across really bad things.

Leptospirosis from water sources contaminated with piddles from a sick animal. Puddles that have formed from rain runoff certainly qualify as such a source. ... Leptospirosis most commonly causes kidney failure.Giardia can live inside the tummy of animals and can make water really bad. It's very contagious. It can make your tummy hurt really bad and make you have to poop all the time. It even can give you really bad poots and when that happens humans dont wanna be your friend.

Theres even something that the humans call "Swamp Cancer" My mama researched it and found out that Swamp Cancer or  Pythiosis is a rare but severe waterborne disease caused by a fungal-like organism called Pythium insidiosum. While more commonly known as a disease of plants, pythiosis can also infect animals—with terrible results. The organism attaches itself to small wounds in the skin or gastrointestinal tract and grows into large, often ulcerated lesions. If it starts in the skin, owners will notice large red itchy lumps. If it takes root in the GI tract, owners will notice signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss.  Its really hard for your dogter to figure out what is is too.
Blue/Green Algae  
Freshwater lakes and ponds are highly inviting to a water-loving dog, but beware of bodies of water with a dense buildup of blue-green algaeAlgal toxins come in a variety of forms and can affect any of the following systems: skin, GI tract, liver, and central nervous system. Depending on the type of toxin a pet is exposed to, symptoms can range from rashes, nausea and vomiting, respiratory failure, seizures, and death. Thats really scary to think about.

One of the nastier waterborne diseases, cryptosporidiosis is caused by the parasite Cryptosporidium.  Multiple species of Cryptosporidium exist in different animal species and some can cross-infect humans. The parasite is protected in the environment by a thick outer shell, which makes it able to survive the environment for a long time and even resist chlorine disinfectants. It is one of the most common waterborne diseases linked to recreational water. Dogs are infected by ingesting the infective oocysts in contaminated food or water. Crypto causes watery diarrhea, which can lead to severe dehydration. Fortunately for dogs, most cases are mild or subclinical and are rarely life-threatening. If you get treatment fast that is.

And worst of all there could be a chemical called anti freeze in the water. This is very very bad and can kill you.

(Please forgive the date on the camera.. it messed up again)

This pawsome bag has recently been upgraded with padding on the shoulder pad.

You really need this bag it can be a true lifesaver.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pawsability of a give away

Guys you have been such amazing readers for the past few years I am thinking about a giveaway. Just as a way to thank you. I have been in contact with a supplier and if their products pass my standards for high quality, fun, and functional I will be passing it on to you.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cunningly cool belt

Wow, all I can say is wow. I love Harry Potter with a passion. My house is Slytherin and while it's pretty easy to find nice looking things out there it's hard to find them that are high quality.
This blows all expectations out the water.

Eye catching -CHECK
Well made- CHECK
True to book discription of house - CHECK
Functional- CHECK
Unique- CHECK

This is amazingly well made.

The book says that Slytherins are cunning folk who use any means to achieve their ends.  This belt is a very classy way to show your house loyalty.

There are a few reasons I am proud to be a Slytherin.

People unfairly assume that Slytherins are bad. We're not. We have great ambition. With that wars have been won. Some of the greatest people of all time show traits of Ambition and Cunning. We tend to be natural born winners too because we are hard working. There's nothing wrong with having the ambition to work hard to get what you want. Cunningness is also cleverness. We know when to speak up for what we believe in but we also know how to save our own skin. 

Not a Slytherin?? They have other houses too. Show that house pride.

Harry Potter not your thing?  They have so much to choose from that anyone will find something to make them smile.

They even have fun belts that you can match to your dog's collar. Now that's really cool.

This belt is very disability friendly. It snaps with ease.. no traditional buckles to fumble with if you have arthritis like I do. They are strong and secure.

Need to go in a hurry??  This is the belt for you. It will release with the touch of a button.

Looking super cool with a collar that rules

Now I'm gonna hand it over to Lennon because he has a lot to bark about.

Hi guys this is Lennon. I need to tell you about my COOL collar. It has this pawtastic red and black checker board print. I think it looks so cool with my huge red and black tag that you saw in an earlier review. I think this collar goes great with my black fur my black vest with the red trim my red head halter my red leash wraps my black leash and all my black and red patches. I guess you can say I have a very classic look. This collar really stands out above all the others we have ever had.

This company makes so many eye catching things for animals and people.

Dog collars
Dog Leashes ...I wish Daisy-Mae and I had matching leashes for
Dog bowls

Key chains
Business Card Holders
Guitar Straps
Phone Cases
Pillow Cases

This site really has something for everyone.

Super collar

Wow oh wow do we have some SUPER cool new collars.

This is Daisy-Mae blogging by the way.

I'm gonna start off with my collar. The nice people at sent  me the most beautiful collar ever. It's pink and black checker print and looks totally pawsome with my vest, and head halter. This thing is simply beautiful.  The colors are so vibrant and pretty.

I love how strong it feels too. I feel super safe with this on. No chance that it will accidentally fall off. Plus we got the super wide ones so they show up really nice.

I want to bark about a few facts about this pawsome company.

Fact #1 - They have been making pawsome products for more than 20 years.
Fact # 2- They can get products out fast because they have manufacturing sites on both coasts. In New York and in California.
Fact # 3- All products are made to order and they can even handle large custom orders VERY quickly.
Fact # 4- They have PAWSOME customer service.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gimmie a high five

Wow these treats are super yummy. Mama likes all the colors and that they are cute like a paw print. We think they are super tasty.

Mama thinks the fact they are preservative free makes them even better. You have to store these in the fridge so they won't go bad.

They are so so taste we would do anything for them at all. High fives, fist bumps, sit, stay, heel. We even love to do puppy push ups. These treats are really worth doing lots to make our mama happy.

As service dogs we work really hard and these cookies are the perfect form of payment for that hard work.

Although we think we should just get them for being so cute.

Looking at all the cookies they sell the leaves are cool.. I bet they taste way better than the ones on the ground too.

Out of all of them though we really like the psychedelic ones those look super cool.

For the quality of treats you get the price is very affordable.  They came very very well wrapped and there was no broken cookies. That alone is a huge plus. Those people at the post office are ruff on packages. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Flea chaser cookies

These nifty little bones are tummy yummies.
We really love them. In fact our mama said they smell almost like a pupkin pie. Those things are soooo good.
They are filled with lots of good for you stuff and even help keep the itchy bugs away. YUMMY.
These treats serve another pupouse. They help a family to help a dog learn how to help people in need. Kinda like a service dog (Like me and Daisy-Mae) but still different. 

INGREDIENTS for PUMPKIN/PB: pumpkin puree, peanut butter (no xylitol), egg yolk, diatomaceous earth, cinnamon
That xylitol stuff is yucky. It's fake sweet flavor and its not very good for dogs.  Egg yolk is great for is. It helps make our fur nice and shiny. Pumpkin is good for our tummies and peanut butter is YUMMY. Diatomaceous earth is very good for you.. and your person too. It helps naturally fight those nasty fleas, and worms. That's furtastic. As for cinnamon, it  can help regulate blood sugar and raise insulin resistance. Some studies show that cinnamon can fight the fungus that causes yeast infections.

These treats are packed with goodness and they help you help another doggy do good. Use those puppy eyes and beg for a bag.

We want our mama to buy everything in the store. It all looks soooo yummy.