Friday, August 26, 2016

Planing it out.

Hi everyone.

In this day and age we are all busy. Even if we dont have kids there are small ones in our extended families.

This little book is awesome. You can write down your appointments in it. This is also awesome for putting down birthdays, dates, movies you want to go to and so much more.

Are you still in school?? You can write assignments in this book so you know when you have to turn them in. Works great to know when you should study for a test.

Have kids? This is fantastic to write down your childs dr. visits, friends birthday parties,PTA meetings, field trips, and school vacations.

Do you have a lot of projects due at work.? Jot them down here.

Put your dogs vet visits down too.

This is a wonderful way to write down all your needs. I don't know about you but I tend to stay very busy and I have so many doctors visits due to my health not being the best..and I have a really hard time to remember everyone in my families birthday. This is a good way to keep my life on track and info close at hand.

There are tons of fun colorful stickers to liven it up. In fact I got two great add on sticker packs.

This book is set up really well.

You get a monthly overview and then if you want more detail you can find it very easily because there is also a week by week breakdown. I have never seen that before in any planner I have owned.

I love the place in the back to jot down birthdays and contact info. At the start of the month you can flip to the back count the birthdays for each month buy a card for each person and paperclip them to that monthly calender. You can use the handy pockets in the front and back thold shopping list, coupons, receipts and more.
 I also really love the tabs so you can quickly flip to the month you need.

In this day and age we are being pulled in so many directions. How is one person supposed to remember; work schedule, work projects, their school schedule (if they go back to school), kids school projects, kids school test, kids school parties, kids friends parties, family parties, their friends parties, PTO meetings, Parent teacher meetings, Friend and family birthdays, Dr visits, dentist visits, vet visits, play dates, dinner dates, holidays, school vacation, summer vacation,kids activities, recitals, sports events, dates they set up to give back to the community. With all that going on I'm shocked we can remember our own names.

I spoke with several members of the community. From parents to teachers even doctors, they all had fantastic things to say about the REMINDER BINDER.

This planner is loaded with space to jot down notes contact info and anniversaries. What more do you need??

I am going to hold a contest. The winner will get one planner and a special gift. Tell me why you should win. The winner will be picked in two weeks. I will use a random number generator. The comment matching that number wins.

Contest runs until Sept 9th winner announced on the 12th.

Good luck.



Check out the Reminder Bimder

Fetch a name

Lennon here. I have this super cool toy to bark about. It's this cool stick. You see this nice person picks up river drift wood and rubs off all the scratchy parts. This is a process known as sanding.

After they sand it then they take a special tool called a wood burner and write your name on it so other dogs can't take it away and make you cry.

To make it better for your person they wrap it with some cording to make a nice handle.

This thing is so much fun I could play for hours and hours.

I took it to show my papa and we played fetch for a looong time. I love playing fetch. It helps me practice for my task of getting stuff my mama drops. It also helps me practice wait drop it and come. Wow learn and play.

This stick also helps me learn to carry stuff. Maybe I'll learn to carry bags for my mama.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Write it down

Hi everyone.

This time I need to tell you all about this awesome journal that was sent. It has my mamas best friends favorite thing on it. Hello Kitty.

This little journal is cute. We love the removable fabric cover. This thing is so cute.
It even has mamas friends name on it. SARAH.  This journal is cool because its small enough to tuck in your bag so you can write thoughts down on the go.

We also love the matching magnetic book mark. This is fun for people who love to read. This light weight book mark is cool. It bites the page with out leaving marks. It also is well trained. It knows how to stay.I think thats amazing.

This shop has so much heart.

A work of heART

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Make that car pretty

Hello everyone. I have the most fantastic way to make your car your make it very pretty.
This shop has some of the coolest things. My mama was given a pretty wheel cover. It has little grippies under it so it wont slippy slide around. The print is the ultra cute Hello Kitty. The cover is ultra extra special because it even has the pretty bow that kitty wears in her hair.

We also got a super special matching keychain that you can slip over your wrist. It's pretty and it makes your keys really look good. With this strap its much much easier for you to find your keys in your purse or pocket. That is super cool.

My mama's bestest friend is Sarah. Sarah loves Hello Kitty and she was oh so happy to recieve this.

Mama also got a keychain for her keys. Mamas key chain is cute and makes us chuckle. See as service dogs people tend to stare at us. Its almost like mama has a unicorn on a leash. So we got a unicorn keychain.

This keychain is super cool. You see the loop makes it easier to pick up the keys when mama drops them It was so funny too. Lennon picked them up in his teeth. Then he got so excited that he tossed them back at her. He's still got lots to learn. But he'll get there.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ball rope tug treat FUN

HI everyone Lennon here. I've got this pawtastic toy to tell you about.
It's so cool. First of all this thing is SOOOOOOOO FUN. It's great for fetch and for tug. It even has a ball on it.
This ball is soft and sourta squishy. I really love it.

If you want to you can make your human put treats in the little holes in this ball. That makes it a chase and crunch.

The rope is braided nice and thick. It makes it really fun for tugs and light chews. IF you manage to chew through it no worries. You still have your fun ball to play with.

The nice lady who made it for me also sent yummy treats. Some tasted like cheezy burgers. Some like blueberry cheezy cake. My super favorite tasted like bunnies. ?
These treats are really good and made with high quality stuff. EVEN with flour made from oats.

I loved those.

My tail hasnt stopped thump thump thumping.

I love that she also likes to give back to dogs in need.Not every puppy is as lucky as me. They dont all have someone who loves them.

stay tuned for updates.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mama's new shirt

 Im gonna start off saying this is  a review on a shirt for my mama. She just LOVES tie dye. This one is in some of her favorite colors. It's really soft too. This was totally pawsome because it had a paw print on her chest. We looked so cool. Her in her shirt me in a dress and Lennon in his bandanna. It was a perfect combo for a local fundraiser for animals in need. It was called the GREATFUL DOG. This event was so big and so cool that even Santa stopped by on his vacation. We got tons of praise from other pet families and the shelter workers. They all said mamas shirt was the coolest they saw all day.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Honestly fun.

The super nice people sent me some pawsome toys to try out and boy oh boy are they fun fun fun fun. The cover is made from a super strong matrieal called hemp canvas. The filling is wool. I love tha the company behind these. Cool toys help put disabled ladies to work. How wagaful is that??

Now I got some great toys to talk about and have talked to other dogs and they say the same. Two paws way way up. My friend Grace over at Paws then play loves hers.

I got so many wonderful toys that my tail just won't keep still.

I think I'm going to begin with my favorite one of all. My ducky that I named Dave.

Dave the duck has cute little feet and chirps like a bird. I really like that. It's great fun to pretend I'm a hunting dog retrieving a duck for my person.

I love pouncing on and shaking my rattle snake I call Ricky. Snakes are bad and I gotta protect my family. 

Next I'll tell you about my cuddles buddy Ollie the owl. I love him because he's so much fun to snuggle with. He has no squeaker and is nice and soft.

Last I can say my flier I call Freddy is fun to run down and get. It's helping me learn to pick up stuff mama drops.

These toys clean really easy. Toss em in the washer and then the dryer.