Thursday, June 16, 2016

We all live in a yellow submarine

You may be aware of the love my family has for the fab 4. in fact a puppy my girls mama had when she was little had the name Ringo. I was named Lennon. As you see our love goes way back.

That being said my girl had a special talk to do, so she could teach children about service animals. She wanted us to look super cool so she bought the most awesome tie  for me. It has the cartoon version of the Beatles from the Yellow Submarine movie.

I love that it was custom done with the knot having all 4 of the Beatles and the tie part having just John.

This tie goes on super easy. Slip your collar through the little loops and then put on your collar. It stays in place and looks so cool.

The seller is very talented and very friendly, shipping was really fast and the kids at the event thought I looked cool.

Ive been really bouncy so no photos just yet.

I can safely say I want more ties.

I am going to leave you with the sounds of the Beatles. This is one of our favorite songs.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Case that phone

My mama has a LG G Vista and it is SO hard to find cool cases for it. Well we found this pawtastic company that can do it. In fact they can make a case for almost any phone out there.

They have lots of totally cool cases to choose from or you can be like us and get something custom made.

My mama loves Harry Potter, and is a proud Slytherin. So she got the house crest as a design for her phone case. You can get anything though. A pet picture, a favorite location, a family photo... anything is fair game.

I love the fact that now my mama has a case that matches her phones background.

The shipping is super quick and the case is affordable.

It snapped on like a dream and is a perfect fit. Check out  Wireless Decor

and you to can have a case just as one of a kind as you are.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Training Bandanna

Hello all.

I've had this for a while and have just gotten around to making my mama sit down and blog about it.
My name is Lennon and I hope to be a future service dog.
I have a cute little vest and now a beautiful green bandanna.

My color is going to be green. I look pawtastic in it and my mama loves that color.It makes her smile and that makes my tail wag.

I love this bandanna because when I pair it with my vest people really know I am working,  or at least learning how to work.

I am only 5 months old so not big enough to go in stores just yet but it won't be long.

This bandanna is great because it's so light weight that I sometimes forget I even have it on.

I also love that the color is very bright and really shows up on my black fur. It has black writing that lets every one know I'm in training and that I can't be played with because I have a very important job to do.

To put it on you simply sit and tell your human that they need to put it across your shoulders and tie it around your neck. I wish that it was velcro but the tie will make it so I can wear it longer so that's super cool.

The nice people who made this are SUPER friendly and are very creative.

I wish I could see them, on a day that I wasn't doing a lot of training and give them a big puppy kiss.

I get so excited to put this on it's hard to get a clear photo. Hopefully I'll be still soon so you can see how cool I look in it.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Epi-Pet is awesome

Epi-Pet products are really pawsome

The shampoo smells simply amazing. Made with all natural products, this shampoo does not suds a lot. For both healthy skin and for itchy flaky skin too. Lightly scented this shampoo also helps to brighten the coat. I really love it because my fur was nice and soft after it. You can rinse very easily. I love the fact that it really helps me to feel better. I love that it's safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. That's great because I have kitties in my house and sometimes they get stinky. You need about an ounce per 25 lbs of animal, so I need to use about 2 ounces.

This comes in 2 great scents (Lavender and Vanilla), and ranges in price from $9.99 to $63.00

The great spray that I got to try smells like Lavender. I really like it because not only is it great for your skin and coat but it also works like a perfume. It smells fantastic. This spray helps kill those itchies. It even helps with the oily skin that you sometimes get. This spray is nifty because it helps moisturize your fur and skin. It also cleans, conditions, deodorizes and enriches your fur and skin.

You can get unscented, lavender, or Cedar/Mint. The prices range from $9.99 to $63.00

Last I got some fantastic sunscreen. This is cool because its a spray and not a pump. You see skin cancer can happen to dogs so it's great that we can protect ourselves like this. This is great to use on dogs and horses. DO NOT USE ON CATS. I have tried this and you can easily spray it upside down or at any angle. This is great because that way your human can get every single spot. If you are going to be outside longer  than 2 to 4 hours or swimming longer than 80 min you need to re-apply. This smells a lot like vanilla and that smells so yummy. This great product costs only $17.95 so it is very affordable.

(the blog is still having a bit of problems with uploading photos so I will try them again a bit later.)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Helpful oils

I got some really great stuff to tell you about. This great kit came with some amazing things.
I love the salve, the fact that it comes with a carrier oil, and 6 amazing oils that are really helpful.

The oils are

Wound Wash. This great oil is a blend that cleans your sores with out burning  It helps to fight infections.

Owie Fix.  This oil blend also fights infections but it treats the wound too.

Heal not Heel. This blend helps to reduce scars and can even make it heal faster. That's a great oil, we love how it smells.

ParaSITE, this great smelling oil helps to remove parasites. Now I don't know much about this oil so I will have to get my mama to talk to the nice people at Wagswag to find out all the details.

Don't bug me. This oil helps get those fleas and ticks to stay away from you. Careful, this stuff really works and the best thing is you put just a drop or two on because a little goes a loooog way.

Chillax this oil is wonderful to help calm you. In fact, Lennon HATES HATES to get his nails trimmed. We put a drop behind each of his ears and wait a few min. He actually fell asleep while we trimmed them.

You can mix a few drops of the oils to the carrier oil, it's Coconut oil. That really helps it to stretch.

Or  my personal favorite boost the healing power of the oils by mixing some with the healing salve This salve is fantastic. It helps fight rashes, heal cuts, and even help with snake and insect bites. We still highly advise seeing a vet though.

I love this kit because it allows you the chance to try several great products for a great price It's not a portable kit but that option does exist.

This kit is only $19 plus shipping.
The one with the case is $20 plus shipping. I would advise spending that extra dollar. The case looks great, on the site. I really wish that I had one of them

I can be fully honest in the fact that the chillax has worked. The Don't Bug Me really works great too. I love the scent as well. It's two jobs in one, isn't that cool.  I haven't really needed to test the other oils yet but I will do another update when I test them.



Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Custom Tags are Super Cool

The nice people at Dog Tag Art allowed me to do another tag. This time for Lennon. I did a 100% custom one and took lots of pictures of the steps. Boy it's so easy even a cat could do it.


First step.

Turn on your computer.

Second step.

Sign on to the internet.

Third step.

Type in

Fourth step.

Click where it says Create custom tag.

Step 5

Click choose your image.

I decided on a combo of these two photos that I edited on my computer with some software I had and the help of a friend, to make a custom totally cool tag

Step 6.

You name the tag and describe it so everyone knows about it.

Step #7 just decide a bit about how you want the tag small or large
what wording you want on it. Things like that You can even choose your font.

Step # 8

Choose any upgrades or none at all.

Step # 9

Check out.

Step #10 

This is the hardest step. The waiting. Thankfully this shop gets to work fast on your tag. It will be to you before you know it.

This tag is high quality and made in the USA. They stand behind their product too so thats totally pawsome.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

High Visability

Hello everyone this is Lennon.

I have to tell you about this great vest.

It's made by some people who have a really really big heart.

You see these people care all about dogs. Traveling dogs and sick dogs.

You may be wondering what the name of the company SHONGear stands for.

H-Health and

Pet Safety vests designed to help safeguard pets who travel, have medical concerns and special considerations. From a company who understands that special kind of love we share with our pets.

These great vests are very light weight so they are perfect to travel with. I even forgot I had mine on.

The bright colors are so eye catching people will notice you.

I love how the patches let people know if you have special needs.

This great vest came with so much.

Package Contents:
  • Traveling Pet SHONVest™ With Hook & Loop Sealable Pocket
  • Package Insert
  • Instructions for Vesting Your Pet
  • Pet Information Container
  • 2 Water Resistant Pill Containers
  • Small Itinerary Detail Forms 6/Sheet
  • Sample Large Itinerary Detail Form
  • 3x3 Zip Pouch

    Now I didn't need the pill holder but my mama did. She uses one to keep a few advil in. She has a lot of pain. The other she used to store my baby tooth in. I'm growing into a very big dog and lost a tooth the other day.

I don't have any photos of me in my vest just yet but these are some from the company.

icm_fullxfull.84380720_e9y7dtm7glwscs8ko888.jpg (1560×1560)

icm_fullxfull.88427319_29u03z2jvixws00cgkg0.jpg (1291×1808)

icm_fullxfull.88427705_7g02pveuq5ss4c8gk0sk.jpg (3216×2136)

icm_fullxfull.88426839_25uhaxcq5etcwcw4k04g.jpg (3486×2297)

icm_fullxfull.84380244_9tuvm2wmjawwscgck404.jpg (605×402)

icm_fullxfull.88426729_tbqi8ksweqs0o4ksg8so.jpg (301×69)  (Click the logo and visit the page)