Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gimmie a high five

Wow these treats are super yummy. Mama likes all the colors and that they are cute like a paw print. We think they are super tasty.

Mama thinks the fact they are preservative free makes them even better. You have to store these in the fridge so they won't go bad.

They are so so taste we would do anything for them at all. High fives, fist bumps, sit, stay, heel. We even love to do puppy push ups. These treats are really worth doing lots to make our mama happy.

As service dogs we work really hard and these cookies are the perfect form of payment for that hard work.

Although we think we should just get them for being so cute.

Looking at all the cookies they sell the leaves are cool.. I bet they taste way better than the ones on the ground too.

Out of all of them though we really like the psychedelic ones those look super cool.

For the quality of treats you get the price is very affordable.  They came very very well wrapped and there was no broken cookies. That alone is a huge plus. Those people at the post office are ruff on packages. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Flea chaser cookies

These nifty little bones are tummy yummies.
We really love them. In fact our mama said they smell almost like a pupkin pie. Those things are soooo good.
They are filled with lots of good for you stuff and even help keep the itchy bugs away. YUMMY.
These treats serve another pupouse. They help a family to help a dog learn how to help people in need. Kinda like a service dog (Like me and Daisy-Mae) but still different. 

INGREDIENTS for PUMPKIN/PB: pumpkin puree, peanut butter (no xylitol), egg yolk, diatomaceous earth, cinnamon
That xylitol stuff is yucky. It's fake sweet flavor and its not very good for dogs.  Egg yolk is great for is. It helps make our fur nice and shiny. Pumpkin is good for our tummies and peanut butter is YUMMY. Diatomaceous earth is very good for you.. and your person too. It helps naturally fight those nasty fleas, and worms. That's furtastic. As for cinnamon, it  can help regulate blood sugar and raise insulin resistance. Some studies show that cinnamon can fight the fungus that causes yeast infections.

These treats are packed with goodness and they help you help another doggy do good. Use those puppy eyes and beg for a bag.

We want our mama to buy everything in the store. It all looks soooo yummy.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Lovin this leash

Wow, let me tell you about this fantastic Multi-Use tool. It's a seatbelt, it's a cart clip leash, it's a wheelchair leash. WOW.

To start with since this is the most important use. A seatbelt.  You simple help your human to buckle a seatbelt and pull it nice and tight so it locks. Then have them take the little clippy part, that doesn't look like the clip on your normal leash around the seat belt. WOW it's that simple. Then you jump in your car and tell them to clip it to your harness with the leash type clip. You don't wanna clip it to your collar. In a wreck that could break your neck.

This seat belt will help you stay safe if you get in a car accident. It also can help you to stay in your place so you don't jump in your persons lap and distract them.

According to some information my mama found online with the help of Kurgo and APPA 78 million dogs reside in more than 46 million U.S. households. WOW thats a lot of kibble.
Did you know that if a 10 lb dog is in a car that's going 30 miles per hour and is not in a seat belt they can easily rocket out of the windshield. Physics even says  that a little 10 lb dog at 30 miles an hour can have about 500 pounds of force as a projectile. That's such a danger. It could cause so much harm to the dog and person. 

An unrestrained dog bouncing around the car can distract the driver. Best case scenario they get a ticket and can't buy you treats. Worst case scenario they get in a crash and someone gets killed.  

Next is the fact this can be used as a shopping cart leash. Now to all you pet dogs. This is great because you can go from being buckled up to being safe in the petstore all with one leash. Your person can leave you in the car just long enough to go grab a cart, come back unhook the leash from the belt hook it to the cart and take you to get lots of kibble toys and cookies.  For a service dog it's super cool. This way your person can hook you to the cart, and go do their grocery shopping and you stay safe, and close to them so you can easily do your very important job while they buy things they need to stay healthy. Some handlers use an over the shoulder leash but this sometimes can cause shoulder pains and this is a furtastic back up. 

 Now for the part my mama helped them to design. She told them to add a little ring to the strap. That way she can wrap it around the leg of her wheelchair when she is having a really bad pain day. This can help her to be able to keep me safe in a parking lot and to help me be able to help her get up hills. This leash is so cool. 

She had them to design it in red and black so it matches my vest, collar, and head halter. HOW COOL. 

The strap is made out of paracord so this is super super strong and can even be used in an emergency situation. 


Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Wow, mama has been really sick lately so she hasn't had the time to do much blogging. That's ok though. She feels much better now.

We got these really cool, super affordable ID tags.

Now a Service dog does not have to wear a special ID but every dog should have a name tag.
My mama hates the sound of clinking tags. So I told her to do some digging and we found this paw-tastic company. They are VERY friendly and so easy to work with. I got a special tag made that has my name her name our phone number, our address, my town ID info, and my microchip info. I also had her to get one that tells people service dog laws and to keep their nasty paws off me.

These tags are perfect for hanging on a big dogs collar, on a camera bag.. On  a backpack, or a camera bag. This is also the perfect luggage tag.

You can get them done 100% custom.  My mama so hopes to get

2 Tags for Daisy
1 More tag for Me
and a final tag with the SD info on them again.

That way all the vests can be fully marked and we can stay nice and safe.

I give this company lots of tail wags and doggy kisses.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Cover my car seat.

Hello everyone Daisy-Mae and Lennon here. We got a pawtastic thing to bark about. We got a nice new cover for our car seat. This thing is super cool. You can use it 2 ways. Our favorite is the second one. Before we get into that we need to tell you how cool it is. You see this cover came packaged in a nice reusable tote. We told mama it's perfect to hold toys poo bags leashes emergency kibble and treats in the back of the car. She said it's a special bag that's just for the cover. She's silly. Now as for the cover it's neat and a breeze to put on the carseat.

You unbuckle straps and put them on the head rest and then buckle them back fold down the seat a little bit so you can put big white plastic anchors between the back and the bench part of the seat and put the back back up. Then you simply unvelcro the buckle covers and put your seatbelt on and way # 1 is done. This is our favorite way to use this, because we can still check on mama when she's in the car. As for way # 2 you simply have your human pull the end up and buckle them around the head rests of the front seat and it makes a little hammock.

This is very cool because it is waterproof and keeps your seat dry when you make a mistake and spill your water or tinkle. If you loose any fur or spill kibbles the cover wipes clean. This is something any dog would be proud to have.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Labradorable Mug

Wow guys. Mama got this super cool mug that has lots of black labby photos on it. They look just like a little version of me Lennon. This mug is great because it makes her smile every time she uses it. That's every day. It makes my tail wag to see her so happy. This mug has been used in the microwave to heat left over soup and stew. It's been used to drink hot tea, hot cider, hot chocolate, and coffee. It is never put in a dishwasher because we don't have one of those... but mama hand washes it every day some times more than once. The photos all look just as good as new.

The printing done on this is amazing quality.

I still cant figure out how the lady who made it got pictures of me in the snow.. Ive never even seen snow before.

Scrub a dub dub two dogs in the tub

Wow furfriends, have we got a COOL soap to tell you all about. It is so cool.

It looks like a bone but remember don't eat it. This super smell good soap also makes your fur oh so soft since its made with something cool called shea butter. It also has olive oil and vitamin E. We love the fact that the smell good stuff is all natural because honestly who wants to be covered in those icky chemicals when they don't need to be.

PABA - Para-Aminobenzoic Acid
and cruelty free.

This soap is perfect for all of you pawsome Vegans out there.

This soap is super simple to use. All you need to do is get in the tub, have your human wet your fur down, have them dip the soap in the tub and rub their hands together until it is nice and lathery. Then rub rub rub all over your fur. Rinse well and you are super clean, soft, and a smell good dog.


It was so very nice when mama opened the box. You see the nice person who sent us this gave her an nice surprise of 4 bars of face soap that was smell good, all natural, and had bees and honey combs on it. 

The face soap is called Honey Bee Treat me.  This soap is made with Honey Glycerine, Oatmeal, Honey, Powdered Milk, and Essential Oils. This stuff is great and so easy on the skin. 

They also sent mama a nice fizzy ball This ball smelled like vanilla and felt awesome. It wasn't overly fizzy but addend a nice feel to the bath and made the water smell great.

This bath bomb is made with great things. Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate (thats baking soda), corn starch powdered milk, coconut butter, Olive Oil, and Essential Oils.


Photos to come