Monday, February 6, 2017

Perfect Patch

I got three fantastic patches that really really work.

They are PERFECT for any service dog team. We really love them. Not only does it have DO NOT PET written on it but there's also a picture showing not to pet. That makes it so anyone at all can understand.

In fact when mama went to pet me a little girl yelled at her that my clothes said not to pet. WOW they really work. We went to walmart the day before the Puppy Bowl... a time when it's usually very packed and people like to distract service dogs when it's packed. Daisy told me that I would have to work extra super duper hard not to get distracted when I would get petting from strangers. Guess what. She was wrong. Now that I have this simple to understand patch NO ONE at all touched me. They didnt even call me...well except for one little boy who yelled puppy but his mama told him to stop it.

You can get two options for the way the patch looks. I picked white back ground with a black dog since I'm black.  But you can also get a black background with a white dog.

Say you dont have a super cool velcro vest like I do....thats ok because they can make the patch be where you can have your person sew it on. But the velcro one is the easiest option. It is very strong hooks that really grab on to your vest and keep those patches in place. STAY PATCH.

If your person has questions about cleaning the patches be sure to ask and the shop owner will help you out lickity split.

She will also help your people by doing custom patches like mine. I got one that says if handler down open for medical info. In that one my mama has a paper that has her name on it and all of her medical information and even copies of her insurance card and blood donor card.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hooked on you

Hello everyone this is Lennon. Now if you know me you know I love to help my mama.
Some times I get sad because she has a hard time getting up. But with this super cool super strong leash I have no issues helping her.

This leash can clip to the front or back ring to my vest or a normal non working dogs collar. I told mama to pick out black and red for me to match my vest. Just wish she had listened and gotten my head collar to match it too. Black and red look PAWSOME together. Not that I don't like that head collar because I do but mama wanted to be stubborn and get it in her favorite colors.

Back to my pawsome short leash. This thing has a very nice tight braid and the most incredible handle. Mama said she likes how it feels in her hand that it has a nice fit. We also love how friendly the person who made it for us is and that they have VERY fast shipping. Before we knew it that leash was here and on my vest, and I was able to help my mama keep walking at a good speed.

photos to come.

Water no Worries

We got this totally pawsome leash in the mail.

It is made from some totally awesome leather feeling material called bio-thane. This stuff is super strong and very easy to clean. Take a damp cloth and wipe it down when it gets dirty. That's all you have to do. I really love that.

Getting caught in the rain with a leather leash can be bad because water and leather aren't friends,it tends to rot if it gets too wet.

This stuff is so cool and makes great leashes.

This leash is VERY light, and can be used in so many ways this must be magic.

This leash can be used as a over the shoulder leash, if you adjust the rings (more on this later) you can use it as a normal leash, a leash clipped around your humans waist, a tie out so your human can go shopping or tie their shoe, it can also be used as a slip leash if you adjust the slide. It can be shortened to a three foot leash, it can even be used as a hands free leash and collar combo. This thing is COOL.

Clip a short version of the leash to one of the rings and use it to help keep your human close to you.

The coolest thing is the small short leash can even be used as a seat belt in the car. WOW OH WOW.

To adjust the rings you simply have your human hold the leash near them bent and from there it's so easy a puppy could do it. While holding the leash bent take the rectangle metal piece and push it down. Slide the now floating O ring into position. When its where you want it move the rectangle back up to secure it in place. This makes for a SUPER cool very adjustable custom leash.

The maker of this leash has lots of options to choose from too. I got a black leash with brass hardware a red and a blue traffic handle.

or Light Brown


1/2 to 3/4 inch wide

and then brass or stainless hardware.

Contact the leash maker by email 
Website contact form 
buy on Amazon 
buy on Ebay

(photos to come shortly)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Jewel of a Bento

Hello everyone.

Do you enjoy Asian culture? Do you like Latin culture too? How about just adorable lunch boxes?
Have I found the thing for you. This bento box was so cool I just had to find out more.
To start off it is in my all time favorite color green. This box may be small but it holds plenty. 2 layers to put your food and even a small place to tuck a napkin. I really love that it has a sugar skull on it because it combines two cultures that I really love. To make things better this bento came with a pair of reusable chopsitcks and a nice case for them.  Now...I cant use chopsticks just yet but I am determined to learn. I some what understand how to hold them and can keep the bottom stick still and move the top stick but I just cant get food from the plate to my mouth. Working hard on learning though. The top on the box and the case for the chopsticks is very very pretty it is a clear green and has a small diamond pattern. This gives a nice jewel effect. So pretty so very pretty. The seller is very friendly and easy to work with.

I love that they have so much more than bento boxes too. They have notebooks, ornaments,  all forms of art.

Did you know that in Japan bento is a very big deal. Mothers will spend hours making fun lunches for their children. You can even take classes on it.

These are just some examples of  eatable art a child might find inside their bento.

I didn't do any of this art but it is ADORABLE. Wish I could find a fun way to make my lunch look great so I can show the true beauty of my bento. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Climbing Leash

Hi everyone this is Lennon. I have been wanting my very own hands free leash for a very long time. I got an amazing one in the mail. You see, this thing is beautiful, its a great shade of blue. I love how light weight it is. This thing is also very very cool. It's a normal leash, it's a hands free leash , it's a tie out too. Wow this is cool, 3 in 1.

The clips are attached and secured with paracord.  You can get several kinds of clips. While I have the normal bolt snaps. There's also lobster claw type clips too. You can get locking or non locking climbing type clips. The lashing can be either red and blue, black, or even reflective. So very many choices and colors.

This shop is PAWSOME

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Grooming for humans

Hi everyone Daisy-Mae here,

I want to tell you about some pawtastic bath bombs that a nice person sent to my mama.
These things smell so good that the goofy boy Lennon wanted to eat one.

They are so cool too, plop them in the water and it gets all fizzy and smells good and has lots of pretty sparkles.  My mama loves it. Said that it was so relaxing that she didn't wanna get out the tub.

Now this blue bomb was mamas favorite because of how pretty the color was and it was oh so sparkly. The vanilla smell was PAWSOME. Her skin smelled great after it and we really wanted to cuddle. She said that it was so fun to kick back and relax in this beautiful blue water. 

For the health benefits my mama just loved the black bomb. It smelled great and had lots of glitter too. The key component in this though was the fact that it had activated charcoal in it. Now this is very important because it helps the body in so many ways. 

A charcoal bath can help you if you have skin issues like eczema. It also helps with irritations, dermatitis, inflammation, and infection. This stuff is mighty powerful. It helps draw out toxins that you get if you drink a lot or if you are a smoker. This helps to wash away any impurities on the skin. Mama said that after you have a nice long soak to rinse off well. She even soaped up and washed. This was also a way to remove left over charcoal from the bottom of the tub. I got scared when I saw all the black in the bottom, I thought that the tub would be stained but guess what.. It washed away with no problems. Another great thing about this is that it also helps get rid of bad smells.

The reason it isn't mamas favorite is she said it was a bit strange at first to get into a tub of black water but it did make her feel amazing.

Now mama talked with the nice person who made this because she had questions about a few of the other smells of some bath bombs.  When asked these are the exact words of the maker of the bombs.

The berries is a combination of blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Pink Splash, is a fragrance I imagine young women would appreciate. It is light with floral and fruity tones. The Blue Sugar Aqualina has a hint of sugar fragrance but it does not smell anything like cotton candy, although that would be nice.

If there is a slight ring on your tub from all the oils no worries there either. They come right off with a normal cleaning. We highly recommend these bombs. Lennon and I give them 8 paws up and 2 tails wagging. Mama said she gives them two thumbs WAY WAY up.

Check them out only at and be sure to tell them Rebecca sent you.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Horse halter for dogs.

We got this amazing special order halter. It started out as a horsey halter but I talked to my mama and my mama talked to a pretty horse named Rennys mama and they came up with a super cool paracord dog halter. They modified the horse halter and you know what? It looks so cool and works great.

Now mine was a custom one and the first dog version made by this great shop. There are a few kinks to work out but nothing that cant be fixed super fast.

I love how the collar part is adjustable to grow with me and has a nice shiny buckle.

The vibrant colors really pop on my black fur. I love this because it helps me remember that mama isnt very strong so I have to walk slowly beside her and not pull so she wont fall and get hurt.

I just wish that this had the O ring under the nose because it will work better that way.

The seller is very friendly and easy to work with. This is not yet featured on the shop but just ask about it and she can make it.

We had a very special surprise in the package too. It was a matching leash. I bet Renny snuck it in with out her knowing.