Thursday, December 22, 2016

Horse halter for dogs.

We got this amazing special order halter. It started out as a horsey halter but I talked to my mama and my mama talked to a pretty horse named Rennys mama and they came up with a super cool paracord dog halter. They modified the horse halter and you know what? It looks so cool and works great.

Now mine was a custom one and the first dog version made by this great shop. There are a few kinks to work out but nothing that cant be fixed super fast.

I love how the collar part is adjustable to grow with me and has a nice shiny buckle.

The vibrant colors really pop on my black fur. I love this because it helps me remember that mama isnt very strong so I have to walk slowly beside her and not pull so she wont fall and get hurt.

I just wish that this had the O ring under the nose because it will work better that way.

The seller is very friendly and easy to work with. This is not yet featured on the shop but just ask about it and she can make it.

We had a very special surprise in the package too. It was a matching leash. I bet Renny snuck it in with out her knowing.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Learn and go.

Hello everyone. We have to tell you about this great new bag we got. You use it to hold treats to work on your training with. They are perfect because humans pockets dont fill up with treat crumbs. They can put LOTS of treats in it and even a ball. Theres a special pocket for poop bags because its icky to leave that behind. You can even have the human keep their house keys in this bag.

This thing can be used so many ways. Over the shoulder or on their belt. That is super cool.

Made from the same stuff as a wetsuit for a human to swim or surf in this is VERY easy to clean. We doggies dont like how tight it closes because the treats wont fall out when then bend over. Noses dont fit in either.

NO FAIR those are our goodies.

Humans like it though because it makes it easier for them to train us so we can go places with them.

Photo taken from their site. Will add more later.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fun Flinger

We should have had this review out a few days ago but have been playing super hard with this toy.
We love it because while mama isn't strong, because she has health problems this is very light, and she can really let it fly.

This ball is a tough one and it is attached to some rope so it also acts as a nice tug.

We also love that the rope is washed and resused climbing rope so it's good for the environment too.

A lot of people just leave that stuff when they are done and it makes trails look so nasty.

Who would have known that it can easily be turned into a tail waggin good time.

Now the name of the company is ChewsonBelay.

I didn't know what the word Belay meant so I had mama tell me.

Belay can mean a lot of things.

As a verb it can mean stop, enough, or to fix a rope around an object to secure it.

As a noun it can mean an act of belaying or a spike of rock or hard material used for belaying.

I love to learn new things and this totally makes sence because the balls are attached on climbing rope and then tied up.

Would that be belaying the belay?

This rope is super tough and fun fun fun for tugs.

Help the environment

, have fun, support a small business and not spend a lot of money. Sounds like a winning plan to us.

ChewsonBelay Lab tested Lab approved.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Puppycakes and lollipups

Hello everyone. We tried these a while back but wanted to get the wording PERFECT for you,

We got some really tummy yummy treats in the mail and boy are they good.

We each got to taste some yummy puppycakes. These pup cakes were great. Peanut Butter ones and Bacon ones.

Now We liked the bacon ones a lot but boy oh boy was that peanut butter tail waggin good. They are so good we wanna eat 2 dozen each. BOL.

But that would be too expensive and mama dosent have a lot of money. She takes good care of us though but we dont wanna make her sad by telling her we want something she cant buy.

The bacon ones had a cute litle piggy pick in them and piggy pink frosting. They are so yummy.

The peanut butter ones had yummy brown frosting.

These are perfect so you dont feel like a hog for eating more than one. Thats great because us dogs love our treats.

These make a great way to celebrate a birthday or a pawaday.

Now as for the lolipups they are a bit sticky but are peanut buttery. We dont know how they made them but they must be magical because they made the peanut butter almost see through.

Mama had the idea for them to roll the lolli into a ball and then in crushed nuts or in some melted carob or yogurt chips.

That would make them super dooper good. Not that we didnt love them already but boy are they sticky.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Looking sharp for Santa Paws.

Now we always look good, but when you are going to see the big man in the red suit you have to look your very best.

We got some super special super cool things to help us look good for him.

Lennon being a boy got the cutest tie. Its white and fits right on his collar. This tie is special because it has lots of little dancing Santa's on it. This tie is very sturdy and very cute.

I'm a total girly girl so I had to get a flower for my collar. No ties for me. This flower matches his tie and fits right on my collar.

Now Christmas not your thing??? Not to worry there are tons to choose from.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Patriotic, Easter, Valentines, Birthday, and some that are just fun fun fun.

In fact Lennon keeps barking because he wants lots. Turkeytime
ghost and pumpkins
Patriotic bears
Glittery shamrocks
and the birthday tie  are all ones he wants.

Now ties and flowers not your bowl of water?? They have bandannas too. This cool shop even has kitty beds and placemats, and crate mats too. What's not to love.

The person who runs this shop is great to work with and she is super friendly. Can't go wrong here.

Photos to come when we see Santa on Dec 3rd.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

bubble bath bar

Hello everyone. If you are like us you love to play hard and roll in those squishy stinky muddy puddles. Then you have to take a bubbly bath to get nice and clean.

Now this bath bar has something in it called herbs and they smell so nice. This bar also has nice oils like neem and coconut. This helps make your fur nice and silky soft.

It also has the silky benefits of shea butter.

The neem oil and all the herb oils in this bar also do double duty. They help keep the icky bugs away.

The following is taken from their page.

All natural, organic ingredients make up this soap bar for your favorite pup. No harsh chemicals, pesticides, or synthetics to be found here! This soap bar is made of herbs and oils to help soften your dogs coat and skin as well as deter bugs. Coconut Oil and Shea Butter condition the fur and skin while Virgin Olive Oil banishes flaky dandruff. Oregano Essential Oil works to kill any existing pests in the fur while Citronella, Rosemary, and Neem oils deter any extra unwanted bugs. Detoxifying Bentonite Clay works to ward off any toxins your dog may come in contact with throughout his day. This soap bar is perfect for any pup with dry itchy skin or allergies to synthetic materials.

Now as you can see it has lots of great benefits, and to make it much better the smell is super long lasting so you can smell great for a long time, that means less baths.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

One blanket lots of jobs

Hello all. Our mama got a great item that really made her smile. You see she gets cold a lot when in her wheelchair and any blanket she's used so far has fallen off. If it gets stuck in her wheels that could make her flip out of the chair and get an owie.

We don't like when she gets hurt or when she is cold.

This blanket is so cool its a  5-in-1

1- It is a wheel chair blanket.  You can  help them slide right in to it be covered up and stay nice and toasty with out having to worry about it falling out your humans lap.They will be covered from their toes to their waist.

2- This is a travel blanket that is perfect for chilly plane, bus, or car trips. This blanket is ultra easy to to carry. roll it up and shove it into the cute matching bag that it comes with. This makes it easy to tuck under an arm and go.

3- This works as a travel pillow. You simply remind your human to use use the nice soft bag that the blanket is in put it against the window of  plane or a car and then they can nap. What a way to make a trip go by quickly.

4- This is a nap mat. This is thin enough to lay down and make a nice soft place to lay down for a nice nap with your human. It will not take up much space so it is perfect for the little humans to take with them to school.

5- This is a sleeping bag/travel bed. There is even a little pocket that your human can tuck a pillow into. That way that have a pillow in a case along with a nice light warm bag to slip right into for a nice nap.

Look at all the fun prints that they can pick out from. We are pawsitive that one will be just right for your human. There are even ones that tiny humans will just love. The print we got is paws because we walk all over our human.

Priced between 19.95 to 24.95 plus shipping, this is super affordable.  Working out to 3.99 to 4.99 per function, this is a total steal.